Friday, June 5, 2015

Everyday Moments

We took Clay to the zoo to see the new monkeys.  Clay wasn't too impressed LOL, but Craig and I love monkeys and really enjoyed seeing them.  It appears the zoo is adding a snake / reptile enclosure soon - will be visiting again when that opens.

Craig & Clay ready for the State of Origin.  I did point out that Clay is a QLD born baby, but Craig said that was his compromise cause I wouldn't let him take me into NSW to have bub LOL

It's a little early, but Cathie gave me this cute teething jewellry / necklace.  What a clever / trendy idea!

Now it's gotten colder the slow cooker is getting a workout - so to save time with food prep I cut and freeze the veges in lots ready to just pop in the pot.

A random photo of Clay & I - how cute is he?!!?

The show was on last week and my brother Tim came down to ride in the rodeo.  We popped over very quickly to the showgrounds to say hello and let him meet Clay.  It was freezing cold, so unfortunately we didn't stay out long :(

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