Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love Spring

The warmer weather has me feeling energised and motivated lately! I've started my spring cleaning, doing a bit of redecorating and been outside doing lots of gardening. I also have a few projects on the go too! I have started working through the (large) list of crochet projects I have bookmarked - can you guess what these are?!? LOL

I'm also still working on my DIY project and a revamped item - will share pics and details when it's finished :) I've been using spray paint, which is something I normally don't use - so have been having lots of fun. Need to be a bit less messy when using it though - there are green and white painted patches of lawn LOL Once I have finished these projects I'm going to start working on a heap of sewing projects...like I said, I'm feeling motivated :)

Check out this cutie pie that I got to babysit on Saturday!!! I can't believe how much Brandee's growing - she's laughing and chatting lots :)

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