Monday, September 26, 2011

Wedding anniversary

We had a lovely weekend - Friday night we babysat Brandee. She slept the entire time, except for 15 mins before her parents came to pick her up. Craig got to see her being all chatty, giggly and smiley - she changes so much every time we see her :) Saturday was boring - Craig worked and I did housework. Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary :) We are having dinner at our favourite restaurant next weekend - can't wait! We had a lovely day - markets in the morning (some new scrap goodies and fresh donuts - bliss), then off to the beach for fish & chips! Katie, James & Cohan are home for a week, so they joined us and so did mum. Cohan braved the water, but it's still a bit too cool for me LOL We brought Cohan a kite to fly, but it wasn't windy enough to play with :(

Craig and I had agreed to exchange anniversary gifts / cards at dinner next weekend, but Craig surprised me by telling me to look in the glove box as we were driving to the beach...and I found this in there - a Babushka doll Pandora charm <3

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Linda M said...

thLove the charm, may have to order one of them, happy anniversary Shandell and Craig