Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Brunch

Kylie, Mick and I (Craig was working) went to Cathie & Andrew's on Sunday for a pancake brunch (our annual Christmas get together). Mitchell was very excited when we arrived - he ran up and said "Happy birthday Shandell!" LOL He's still getting used to the Merry Christmas greeting :) It was a lovely relaxed morning - yummy pancakes with different toppings (my fave was banana, maple syrup and fresh cream - divine!!), exchanging gifts and lots of chatting (nothing unusual there LOL).

Mitchell opening his present from Kylie :)

Mitchell got very involved with the whole opening presents idea and went inside and came back with a present from under the tree - oops! LOL

My present from Kylie - a sweet bird cross stitch (to add to my growing bird collection) and a Babushka doll (soooo in love with this modern design!!).

My present from Cathie - I love Women's Weekly cookbooks (perfect gift for me!!) - there was lots of looking through the book and discussions on what to bake :)

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