Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We had a wonderful and busy Christmas Day! We were up and at my Mum's house by 6.30am to open presents. Cohan had to be woken up to open the presents so he was cranky - oops! After waking up properly he was a one kid, present unwrapping tornado - there was paper and presents going everywhere LOL

We brought Cohan this drum set - he loved it and got on and started drumming away :)

I got some lovely gifts - my favourites were an iPad and a camera :) After opening all the presents Kate, James and Cohan headed off to the in-laws for the morning, and we stayed at Mum's and had breakfast.

Craig's family lunch was at our house this year. As tradition, my MIL prepared & cooked the meal (roast pork, roast turkey and vegetables). Lots of catching up with everyone, a delicous meal and watching the kids open more presents :)

All the boys and kids had fun playing with Craig's new shooting game :)

After a clean up and a few hours rest, we headed back to my Mum's house for dinner and a few cocktails - what a great end to a wonderful day :)

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