Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unfinished layouts

I'm a tad embarassed to admit it, but I have a pile of unfinished LO sitting on my scrap desk. While I'm on holidays, I am on a mission to get them finished before I start creating any new LO. Yesterday I set up my scrap table in the loungeroom (where the air-con is) and managed to get 5 LO completed!!

In between scrapping I've also managed to grab some bargains in the post - Christmas sales. Who can say no to 50-75% discount on Christmas stock?!?1 LOL I've brought some new decorations and wrapping paper, ready for next Christmas :)

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Linda M said...

Well done Shandell, I have a lot of pages that just need that bit of tweaking or a title, need to spend the day finishing them off before doing anythings else!