Monday, April 23, 2012

Gone fishing!

Yesterday the weather was perfect, so we packed the fishing gear and crab pots and headed out fishing for the day! We went back to Riverview - where we went on Easter Sunday. We did some fishing, put the crab pots in and went for a cruise up the river to have a look around - it was a fantastic day!! How gorgeous was the scenery?!?!

Not much luck fishing again - lots of bites and only 3 undersized fish, I managed to catch a decent sized stingray though LOL

We were a lot more sucessful with the crab pots - we got about 14 crabs and were able to keep 3!! Mum cooked them up last night and I had one for dinner tonight (Craig doesn't eat crabs - so I didn't have to share he he)- delicious!!

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Rachael B said...

Beautiful river photo Shandell. Looks like you had a fun day.