Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Last Friday mum and I spent the morning visiting a few op shops - I think mum is my lucky charm cause I found some fabulous bargains!!

I brought 2 more books $3 & $2 and a jar of buttons (you can never have too many buttons right?!? LOL) for $1.50.

A gorgeous dress for $4.

A polar fleece vest for $4 - it won't be long till I'll be wearing this :)

A Tupperware container (I have a few of these vintage containers in yellow and green and they are the best!!) for $4.50 and new crochet handtowel for $1.

And my most exciting find....some pasties makers! I have been searching for some since I made the meat & vege pasties at Christmas. I found the large one in the homewares section and grabbed it very quickly, then found the other 2 in the set and they were only 50c each - score!!!

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