Saturday, April 7, 2012

School Holidays - Part 1

I've had such fun these Easter school holidays!! With the kids visiting, mum and I decided to take them on a trip last Tuesday to a surprise location.....Seaworld!! Poor uncle Craig had to stay home and work :( We were up at 4am and heading to the Gold Coast - the kids slept for a few hours (woo hoo!), then lots of singing and travel games to keep them amused! We kept the location a secret till just before we got there and the kids saw the signs - they were so excited!!

We took them to all the shows, had a splash in the water park, went on some rides, rode around on the Monorail and looked at all the animals!

So many fun things to see and do - some of the favourites were the dolphins

Wathcing the polar bear antics

Laughing at the penguins

We decided to stay overnight and head to Australia Zoo, so we drove through peak hour traffic (yes we are crazy LOL) to Landsborough. After dinner and showers, we all crashed into bed just after 8pm! LOL Will share pics of Australia Zoo tomorrow :)

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