Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I went to the dentist last week - after a few horrible / painful experiences I had been naughty and not been for a few years. I was terrified to go, but knew putting it off would just make things worse. I bit the bullet and made the appointment and I am pleased to say the whole experience was virtually painless!! I am even going to go back and get a bit of cosmetic work done. After my appointment I decided to spend the rest of the morning wandering around and look at the op shops (something I have been waiting to do for months)! I found some wonderful goodies....

I brought this top for $8 - I don't usually wear green, but it was so soft and floaty that I couldn't resist :)

A few packets of buttons for less than $1.50

A book for $5 - I just finished reading this book and loved it!! The story is about 5 women's lives and revolves around a knitting shop - definitely recommend it :)

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