Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting ready for the cruise

I know it's still over 5 months till our cruise to Fiji, but I have been starting to get ready :) Craig downloaded an app called "Ship Mate" - it's amazing! It keeps a countdown for the cruise (5 months 12 days and 16 hours), can track all cruise lines, deck cams for all ships, cruise personaliser (packing checklist, book shore tours, budget, etc).

I brought this beautiful travel wallet to store tickets & itinerary (more attractive that the travel world wallet) and bag tags!

I brought this cute travel journal - ready to journal our sights / activities and store tickets, etc.

We also brought a new all weather camera (yay for 1/2 price sale and gift vouchers!) ready to use when we go snorkeling on Lifou and Mystery Island! Last time we went snorkeling we just used a disposable waterproof camera, but decided to invest in this camera so we could use it for snorkeling and to take in the boat when we go fishing :)

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