Saturday, July 12, 2014

Around the House

Slowly, but surely we are getting the house organised and decorated :)

I have planted some fake plants into my thrifted planters - I already had the succulents and brought the 2x bamboo plants.

We finally organised the garden shed - it had been a bit of a dumping ground when we first moved into the house and just kept adding to it.  I forgot to take before photos - sorry, but imagine a big mess and you will know what it looked like LOL  We purchased the shelves and then just had them sitting in the middle of the shed - not really useful.  We put everything on shelves and had a bit of a clean out of some junk.  We still need to buy a few more shelves / boxes for storage and hang some hooks to store our garden tools.

Kylie gave me this gorgeous wind chime for my birthday :)  Craig hung it up on the front verandah for me.

I painted this pot a few months ago and was going to plant herbs, but decided to re-pot my succulents into it and put it on the front verandah instead.

I brought this gorgeous handpainted ceramic handle for the laundry cupboard - just something pretty to add colour to the room and make me smile everytime I look at it :)

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