Friday, July 11, 2014

Die Storage Folder

Today I'm sharing how I store my metal dies.  Originally I was storing the dies in their original packaging (and my embossing folders) in a carry case.  It soon became obvious that this wasn't suitable - I had to rifle through all the packets to find what I was looking for and then the dies started falling out of the packaging.  

I had to change my method to something that would allow me to see my dies better, keep die sets all together and be portable for crops / retreats.  I searched online for some storage inspiration and had a few options, but then Cathie came up with the idea of storing dies in plastic zippered pockets in a binder.  This was perfect - I already had a heap of the pockets that my Kaiser embellishments came in and a A5 binder.   

The pockets were different sizes - so I just cut the backing sheets down to fit.  To keep the dies more organised in the pockets I used magnetic tape to keep them on the original backing (so that I knew the manufacturer and also be able to see at a glance if any dies were missing).

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