Thursday, July 10, 2014

Everyday Moments

Just some photos of everyday moments.  I'm loving these posts - it allows me to record those random photos / events that aren't "big" enough for a whole blog post.

Craig & I were going to make jelly cheesecake slice, but a a search of the cupboard found a forgotten tin of chocolate condensed milk, so it evolved into a choc peppermint cheesecake!!  Soooooo good - the middle part had a consistency of thick mousse - yummmm!!!!

Craig and I had a date and went to see this at the movies :)  It wasn't as funny as we thought it would be, but still an enjoyable movie. 

Mid-week girls night with Cathie & Kylie - delicious meal, a few wines and lots of chatting :)

Cathie & Andrew organised to run a jumping castle at the Homemade Expo on the weekend to raise money for the Sam Ross Foundation, so Craig and I went down to help.

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