Sunday, July 27, 2014

Zippered Pouches

Well I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to make something using the zippers and fabric I have been hoarding :)   Because I had never sewn a zipper before I watched a few You-Tube tutorials and decided to use this one.  It's was easy to understand and great demonstrations.

Once I worked out the pattern on the first one, I quickly whipped up 2 more!  I think these will be a good present to pop in with gifts this Christmas!

I made this horse theme pouch first.  It was originally a cushion that I brought for 50c at the op shop last month.  I had to unpick the zipper, remove the rocking horse motifs on both sides and unpick the ribbons from down the sides.  

Next up was these 2 smaller pouches, using more op shopped fabrics and zippers.

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