Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Another fun week of op shopping and more random goodies :)  

A manual wool winder - $5!  Something I didn't realise I wanted / needed till I found it ;) LOL  I actually used my phone to google this - so I knew the value and also if any parts were missing - first time I had ever done that!

Ceramic mortar & pestle and small Pyrex bowl - $2 each

Top $4

Large quilt panel $2.50, zippers 40c / 50c and a zippered cushion / pouch (going to unpick the ribbons and rocking horse motifs and make into smaller zippered pouches / makeup bags).  Think it's time I started creating with all the materials / zippers / etc I am hoarding!

Book $2 and bag of Christmas baubles $2.  

Did you find anything fun / quirky / exciting this week?  I'm linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot.

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